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Oct 17 2016 3

Essure Implants Not As Safe As Women Thought

The public has recently been made aware that there can be serious side effects to using Essure birth control implants. Thus they are not as safe in all situations as the company that makes them had presented them to be. There is documentation that reveals that the permanent coil has been proven to fail and can thus result in infection. There have been cases where this has even led to a tremendous amount of hemorrhaging.

Some of these women who have been injured by using the Essure birth control implants have already gone on to hire an accident attorney and to file some law suits against the company that manufactures this product. The company is Bayer.

Due to the court ruling recently, which took place in the state of California, there may be many more women seeking out the services of a personal injury attorney, which will lead to many more court cases. The women don’t want to sit back any longer. They want to be compensated for the suffering and damage that they have endured as a result of using this device.

The judge by the name of Winifred Y. Smith who serves in the Alameda County Superior Court stated openly that Bayer could quite likely be deemed liable for the occurrence of the injuries brought on by the Essure device, despite the placement of federal regulations that would seem to otherwise protect this industry. Currently there are above two hundred lawsuits that have been filed against the company in just the state of California.

There was a green light given that approved 11 cases in the state of California, though the company called Bayer was trying to ardently call for a dismissal of all cases, basing its request on the fact that there is approval by the FDA regarding the Essure implants. Thus Bayer held its position that it could not be accounted liable for any injures that women sustained during the times that they used the Essure implants.

But the truth of the matter is that the FDA does not state that the implant is completely safe, since the FDA did recently require the placement of a black box warning on the packaging of the Essure implants. The warning is very serious in nature and is not to be taken lightly as it informs that there could be a high risk of serious complications during usage. Also, a statement was issued that said that more intense research must be conducted in order to have a clearer understanding about which women may be at more risk for injuries and complications than other women.

Some of the complications may include dizziness, pelvic or back discomfort, cramping, pelvic pain, perforation of the uterus, vaginal bleeding and more. If you as a woman have experienced any of these issues or other problems with the usage of the Essure implant, then you really should seek to speak with a personal injury attorney.

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